Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally starting something!

Actually, I was getting antsy and started a couple of "Malabrigo Loafers" cuz I just had to get going! But as far as projects starting after October 1, I started socks! And trust me, this was NOT in the game plan-only loafers, Calorimetries and Tudoras or Cowls! But, nevertheless, it was a good excuse to join Through the Loop's Mystery Sock KAL and to have hopes of getting a pair of socks done for a well-deserving friend!

The first cuff is finished through the first clue, only I think I'm going to frog it and go down from 72 to 68 stitches as well as reduce my needles from 1 to 0.

ETA: The yarn is Koigu PPPM (color P820 56) which I purchased long ago (one of my earlier sock yarn purchases when I first got hooked on socks!). And yes, Adrienne, the colorway is definitely 'you' and Nartian's palette than mine! So see? I do purchase colors outside of my palette-but usually as gifties for others! This had been purchased with my Nebraska friend in mind-sorry, not making it your way!-lol!


debi's place said...

Love the colorway of the yarn. What is it?

adrienne said...

them's my colors! **blink, blink"
should i send you my measurements?!

jdhforjc said...

I may try that pattern, love the color

adrienne said...

now i am totally bummed.

Maria said...

I love that color!